Food Reassurance

As the recent ‘horsemeat’ scandal shows, consumer confidence in the information manufacturers and retailers give them is low. The complex nature of production and supply mean that food contamination is an increasing threat. Rapid monitoring and detection systems are being developed to identify product adulteration in real time and can be combined to increase information to manufacturers and consumers.

Examples of the impact of our work in this area include:

  • Demonstrated a new airborne acoustic technique for the detection of nut shells and small plastic pieces inside food such as chocolate bars and led the development of acoustic techniques for the objective evaluation of sensory crispness, crunchiness and snap
  • Reviewed isotopic techniques for the identification of food origin for Red Tractor


Research lead Malcolm Povey, Professor of Food Physics


Key contributors

Giles Davies Professor of Electronic and Phototonic Engineering

Les Firbank Professor of Sustainable Agriculture

Ian Hunter Professor of Microwave Signal Processing

Helen Miller Professor of Animal Bioscience

Michael Rappolt Professor of Lipid Biophysics

Mi Wang Professor of Process Tomography and Sensing

David York Professor in Faculty of Engineering