Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing

Bringing together medicine and health, biological sciences, food science and nutrition to create a leading collaborative research community, focused on improving public and personal health through improved diet and disease prevention. The development of foods to improve health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of disease could have a major impact on consumers and industry.

Examples of the impact of our work in this area include:

  • Insights into diet and behaviour change and the development of novel intervention tools myfood24 and MyMealMate
  • Influencing UK government policy on caffeine
  • Influencing European policy on Safety and Efficacy of Plant Food Supplements via the Framework 7 project PlantLIBRA.

Research lead Gary Williamson, Professor of Functional Foods


Research into how bioactive components derived from plants (flavonoids, phenolic acids, “antioxidants”) influence our health, and how calories, sugar and fat affect this. Specifically we aim to understand absorption and metabolism, cellular responses, signalling and gene expression, and exploit this to reduce the risk and incidence of diabetes and heart disease. We use complex cellular systems to understand molecular mechanisms of action, and conduct human intervention studies to demonstrate efficacy.

Key contributors

Aruna Asipu Senior Research Fellow

Tim Benton Professor of Population Ecology

Christine Bosch Lecturer in Nutrition

Louise Dye Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour

Laura Hardie, Reader in Molecular Epidemiology

Andrew Hill Professor of Medical Psychology

Clare Lawton Senior Research Fellow

Iona McCleery Lecturer in Medieval History

Eleanor M Scott Senior Lecturer in Medicine

Arshad Zaman Research Fellow