Innovation & Technology

This broad area includes the food colloids group in the School of Food Science and Nutrition (SFSN) and collaborative links with food processing research, Chemistry and Chemical and Process Engineering.

Beyond food preparation technology this area of strength includes packaging and labelling advances, sensing and tracking technology, technology to assess and manage dietary behaviour and health, and upstream and downstream impacts of food technology on the supply chain – on behaviour and practices of producers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Key academic partners are the areas of natural sciences and technology, sociological sciences, business, engineering, human geography, and humanities research on human-technology interactions.

The food colloids and processing group is composed by 13 researchers with high expertise in Food Colloids, Lipid Biophysics, Remote Sensing and Novel ultrasound/acoustic methods for food characterization and processing. We are ranked as the top 1 European and 3rd Worldwide Research Institution in Food and Colloid (SciVal). Our researchers have obtained funding support from international sources.

The Food chemistry and biochemistry group of the SFSN is composed of 8 researchers. Our research laboratories provide excellent cell culture and state-of-the art analytical facilities. Equipment includes normal and fast high resolution chromatography, with diode array and coularray detectors, sophisticated LC-MS/MS equipment, facilities for protein purification, and ELISA plate readers. Access to the Food Technology Laboratory and facilities for taste panels allows the direct incorporation of food processing techniques into the research.